Sunday, November 30, 2008

Save the Ta-Tas!

My sweet friend Mandy and her girls, Brooke and Abbey, gave me a shirt that says "Save the Ta-Tas". Brooke and Abbey think it's pretty funny!

Save the Ta-Tas Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness for breast cancer research. They also believe that laughter brings healing. I totally agree with that! Thanks for making me laugh, girls!


Sheryl said...

ok, i would SO wear that shirt!! not sure what my kids would think, but oh well. and you look absolutely beautiful in that picture. praying for you - i believe tomorrow is the day you learn more from the doctor?

oh and you like cute shoes too, huh? but i'm sure you're not as shallow as i am!!


Twisting His Arm said...

I love the shirt! What a wonderful gift!

Anonymous said...

hey deedee love the shirt lol!!!
love ya!!! :) ;)