Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hi Janel!

My sweet friend Janel and her husband, David, just moved to Spain and we miss them terribly! But I just discovered the coolest thing. On the right side of my blog page I have a cluster map. Whenever someone clicks on my blog, a red dot is placed in the region where the blogger is from. And now, I have a red dot in Spain! It's Janel! Hey Janel-I can see you!!! It's just the coolest thing! Isn't it amazing...the technology that God has created to help us stay in touch with those we love, even when they're halfway around the world?!!

Love you, Janel!


Sohl Gal said...

Hola from Espana! I miss your sweet, calm reassurances my friend! I love checking in to see new blogs! Maybe I'll log in from another country... and you can blog from one when you visit! :)

~April said...

Sweet JANEL! Miss her too!!